The traditional Career Day gets virtual to become a full digital event: Bicocca Career Fair From October 27th to November 5th!

The event welcomes companies, students and graduates on the a digital platform especially designed to encourage the dialog between students and graduates with companies for a successful job search.

Once logged in the platform, students and graduates can consult the rich portfolio of companies attending the event, search for job opportunities and learn more about the professional profiles mostly required by companies /or/ the educational path that companies mostly look for.

All over the month of October, within the platform, it is possible to attend the preparatory events led by the career advisors of the Job Placement in collaboration with companies. The orientation activities of the Bicocca Career Fair will provide attendants with advice delivered by expert in career orientation and HR. Thanks to the professional advice students and graduates will be able to better exploit the potential of their CV before submitting it for the job interviews.

From the 13th of October, all the registered users (i.e. students, graduates, companies) will have an online agenda available to fix a daily/weekly plan by selecting and sharing their availability to take the job interviews later in November.

From the same date, October 13Th, the registered students and graduates will be able to apply to attend the companies’ presentations.

From the 18th of October, all students and graduates enrolled in the platform will be able to send their applications to the companies attending the Fair to candidate for an online interview of 20-minutes.

The job interview will take place from 2 to 5 November within the platform.

How it works:

  • 1. Enroll to the Bicocca Career Fair platform

  • 2. Submit your applications to one/or more companies.

  • 3. The company evaluates your applications, and whether your profile matches with their requirements, the company will schedule an interview accordingly with the availability of its agenda and yours!

  • 4. Meet the company on the platform for a job interview at the scheduled day/time

October 27, the Bicocca Career Fair opens with a conference in presence limited to the allowed number of sets and in streaming open to all are interested in learning more about the Labour market evolution and trends.

The days of 28th and 29th of October will be dedicated to Companies’ presentations. Each company will have a max of 30 minutes to present their mission and work environment, illustrate their job vacancies and the selection process, and finally answer some questions from the audience that previously enrolled in the presentation.

From November 2 to 5, the job interviews will take place on the Bicocca Career Fair digital platform!

All students and graduates, registered in the platform, will be able to perform an individual interview with the companies that positively evaluate their application and select them as candidates. A company referent will meet each candidate in an online room dedicated to their job interview.

Welcome to the Bicocca Career Fair!